Hermansen 8 Point

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Hermansen 8 Point

ITEM #0305

191 7/8" Gross 180 1/8" Net


WIsconsin, Iowa County



NEW POTENTIAL STATE RECORD 8 POINT! Tom Hermansen, who refers to himself as just a meat hunter,was out to fill his freezer with a tender doe on opening day. He spotted a good doe and starting to zero in on her, but saw something in the corner of his eye. There stood not just a shooter -- but the biggest deer he had ever seen!. His shaking hands guided the crosshairs behind the front shoulder and he took the shot. After the longest 30 minutes of his life, Tom climbed down to find him in the tall grass. Mammoth tines of over 17" and those drop times, Wow -- this 8 pointer in a class of his own.

World Class Taxidermy Available, call for a quote.

European (Skull) Mount Available, Add $250.