James Cogar Buck

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James Cogar Buck

ITEM #0422

213 4/8" Net, 222 1/8" Gross

Non Typical

Delaware County, OH



This outstanding buck was harvested by James Cogar at last light on the the final day of Ohio's archery season on Super Bowl Sunday, February 3rd 2013. Aged at 7.5 years this buck, nicknamed "Conan," has a right antler that scores an impressive 107 6/8" and has graced the covers of both North American Whitetail and Rack Magazine. It is the recipient of the 2014 Golden Laurel Citation Award and ties the Wayne Zaft buck as Buckmaster's #1 typical shot with a compound bow, as well as the largest shot in February in this same category.

World Class Taxidermy Available, call for a quote.

European (Skull) Mount Available, Add $250.