Real Langlois Moose


249 1/8



Moose Collection


Skull Option: Yes


Real Langlois Moose

Score: 249 4/8"


Location: Canada, Yukon

Year: 2008


Collection: Moose

Item #: 0501

Price: $3,000

WORLD RECORD ARCHERY MOOSE! A mammoth of a moose taken by Real Langlois of The Rack Man, TV series in Canada. Real called in the monster with his homemade moose paddle decoys! Sensing a challenge, this old bull came within 8 feet, YES, 8 FEET of Real, before he let his arrow fly! Declared the new world record archery moose at the 2011 Pope and Young Convention with an amazing spread of 76". For more how this mount was made, look under "Services" and then "Unique Projects". Approx. shipping weight for replica horns , 60 pounds.