Bath Shed (single left)

Score: 149 1/8"

Type: Non-Typical

Location: Kansas

Year: 1989


Collection: Sheds

Item #: 0269

Price: $1,425

Left side single of the famous Bath Sheds found in 1989 scoring 149 1/8".

The tale begins in the Flint Hill region of northeast Kansas. After meandering in the neighboring fields, Jim Bath’s dog returned home (chewing on) this left side of these now-legendary sheds. A frantic search began for the right side -- and the matching shed had been found by a local youngster (and was ultimately purchased by Jim to complete the set). The following year, Jim Bath (and others) scouted with intensity to locate this trophy whitetail on the hoof. Jim even contracted with a pilot to fly him over the area to assist him in scouting. Over the years, no news has ever been reported on the deer being seen or harvested. Another phantom of the woods.