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Excelsior Sheds


91 3/8 (right)

89 5/8 (left)


Deluxe Collection


Skull Option: Yes


Excelsior Sheds

Score: 91 3/8 (right), 89 5/8 (left)

Type: Typical

Location: Minnesota



Collection: Deluxe

Item #: 0281

Price: $1,300

The Excelsior Sheds came from the ultimate urban deer! This deer was seen for several seasons wandering the woods of Excelsior, MN, a suburb of Minneapolis. He seemed to know exactly when deer season was about to start and how to stay within the city limits and out of harms way. Deer enthusiasts tracked his every movement with dozens of trail cameras. The most ardent tracker was Jay Miller, the lucky fellow who found both sides of sheds within a few days of each other. A nearly perfectly matched 6 x 6 sheds!