Kunz Argali Sheep




Sheep Collection


Skull Option: Yes


Kunz Argali Sheep

Score: 254 2/8"

Type: Sheep

Location: Mongola, Altay Region



Collection: Sheep/Goat

Item #: 0717

Price: $ $3,000

The Kunz Argali was harvested in 2002 and is a sheep hunter's dream come true. All the scores for this monster are amazing! Horn lengths are 59 0/8" and 59 3/8". First circumferences are 21 1/8" and 21 3/8". There is just 2" TOTAL of difference from side to side. For the discerning collector, the Kunz Argali is a breathtaking centerpiece trophy! Shown with a skull and a granite base.

Sheep skulls: $300.00
Granite bases: $250.00
Marble bases: $400.00

Shipping weight: Approx 30 pounds (Horns only)