Kansas King 1:3 Scale Reproduction Collectible

Score: 213 0/8 Typical (Original Antlers)


Location: Kansas




Item #: 10010

Price: $195.95 + $19.95 Shipping

  • Accurate 1:3 Scale Reproduction from the Original Antlers
  • Kansas King scores 217 0/8" Typical
  • Premium Resin-Cast and Hand-Painted in Masterpiece Detail
  • Part of the Antlers by Klaus Collectible Series (more coming soon!)
  • Great gift idea for any Whitetail hunter or antler enthusiast!

Our introductory offering for a new series of 1:3 Scale Collectibles by Antlers by Klaus. Cast from the original antlers, all our collectibles are highly accurate. Premium resin-case base and antlers are hand-painted in masterpiece level detail. Our Kansas King Scale Collectible measures a full 13" tall (inc. base). The Kansas King is one of the most recognizable set of typical sheds ever. Discovered by a rancher as he checked the well pump on a cattle stock tank, they were idly set aside for over a month before being retrieved by his son. Truly an astounding Typical, the Kansas King's beams stretch 27 4/8" and 28" long, while boasting over 14" G2's. This is a must have for any antler or hunting enthusiast who would like to own a piece of antler history.

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