Wausau Sheds

Score: 230's Class

Type: Non-Typical

Location: Wisconsin



Collection: Deluxe

Item #: 0407

Price: $1,250

A trip to Walmart normally does not include seeing a super trophy sized whitetail deer, unless you were in Wausau, Wisconsin in 2012. A giant of a buck was often spotted in the urban areas of the 130,000 sized city in central Wisconsin. Patrons took numerous photos and even video of the deer meandering around local businesses. And when the deer was done wandering around the Walmart parking lot, he would dash across a busy highway to the nearby woods and safety of Rib Mountain, a state park and ski resort. These 230's class sheds from the now nicknamed "Walmart Buck", were found by very diligent shed hunter, Jason Nieuwenhuis. Although the buck survived numerous hunting seasons in Wisconsin, he unfortunately did not survive one last attempt to cross the busy road, and was struck and killed by a vehicle.