John Filla Buck

Score: 214 2/8"

Type: Deluxe

Location: Wisconsin, Trempealeau Co

Year: 2006


Collection: Non-Typical

Item #: 0320

Price: $750

A son's first deer drive, a wild chase, and an amazing leap by a whitetail all come together in the story of the John Filla Buck. Harvested in 2006 near Independence, WI, John and his young son, Kyle, and other relatives flushed this trophy deer on the first day of the season. While hit by several shots, this buck still managed a leap off of a 20 foot high enbankment, before succumbing to his injuries. First scoring 206 4/8", a broken off piece of main beam was miraculously discovered and was a perfect fit. Boone and Crockett thought so too, and accepted the broken piece and increased the official score to 214 2/8". The final score was achieved through a 29 4/8" spread and a right beam measurement of 30 2/8"!