Kenneth Fowler Buck

Score: 257 0/8"

Type: Non-Typical

Location: Kansas



Collection: Deluxe

Item #: 4114

Price: $1,500

It is not often that a deer is so large that it matches the tall tales that hunters spin about the deer they see. Both Kenneth's wife and hunting buddy didn't believe he had seen the 23 point deer which, at the time, would become the No. 2 non-typical archery world record. Clearing a shooting lane behind his hunting stand "just in case" resulted in the taking of this sharp looking deer that Kenneth mistook for a doe at first. The buck struts its impressive 98 5/8" R, 96 4/8" L with 59 2/8" abnormal to a conclusive score of 257 0/8", placing it in the ranks of the most elite deer to net above 250".