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The Border Brute


232 3/8



Deluxe Collection


Skull Option: Yes


The Border Brute

Score: 232 3/8"

Type: Non-Typical

Location: Kansas



Collection: Deluxe

Item #: 0208

Price: $900

A game warden was sledding with her young children one winter day along the bluffs of the Missouri River between Kansas and Missouri. She noticed some drops of blood in the snow next to some deer tracks. Thinking that maybe a deer was injured, she followed the tracks. First one and then the other of these monstrous sheds were lying in the snow. They had been dropped only moments before! One of the tallest racks in our collection, the long beams of 28 5/8" and 30" sweep upward. Then crowned with over 15" tines, this deer reaches for the sky. A wide open spread of an outstanding 30", just adds to the huge profile of this beautiful border buck!