Scott Newell Buck

Score: 229 3/8"

Type: Non-Typical

Location: Missouri

Year: 1989


Collection: Deluxe

Item #: 4108

Price: $750

Missouri brothers, Randy and Scott Newell, lived near each other, and sometimes hunted together. Randy was the most experienced and the better shot. In fact, by fall of 1989, Scott had yet to harvest a deer, after several seasons of trying. But that quickly changed on Nov. 19, 1989, when a titanic buck appeared on a nearby field from where both Randy and Scott where standing. Randy shot first and then shot 2 more times, but the buck was still standing. Now it was Scott's turn, and with one 370 yard shot, the buck was thrashing on the ground. This deer is impressive from many points of view. It features 18 points, with a right triple tine and a left double brow tine. The typical frame is 204 7/8", which is just 1 3/8" short of the world record. It is also one of the very rare racks that "books" both as a typical at 180 3/8" and as a non-typical at 229 3/8".