Eichstaedt Record 6 Point

Score: 155 4/8"

Type: Typical

Location: Wisconsin, Waukesha Co



Collection: Deluxe

Item #: 0149

Price: $500

NEW ARRIVAL! Burt had everything going against him on this hunt. A late afternoon start, thunderstorms that forced him out of his treestand, and a missed opportunity with his bow. But still he as able to take what he thought was a very nice 8 point. It wasn't until the buck was found the next day, that he realized it was a very, very large 6 point. In fact, so large that it holds the #1 spot for a 6 point, by any weapon! This rack holds its #1 position with beams of 28 4/8" and 29" and a 21 6/8" spread!