Jason Erb Buck

Score: 193 3/8" Gross, 175 0/8" net

Type: Typical

Location: Ohio, Columbiana Co



Collection: Deluxe

Item #: 0315

Price: $600

Jason was thoroughly enjoying himself during the 2013 archery season. Time spent in a tree stand was always relaxing for him. On his 17th day in stand, in early November, the relaxation turned to exhilaration, when a deer entered his range of vision over a small field. The light was starting to dim and he couldn't quite make out if it was a doe or a buck. Slowly the deer, headed towards Jason, to investigate a nearby scrape. Now, Jason could see it was a buck, but still couldn't get an idea of its size. Jason concentrated on his aim, and got off a near perfect shot. The buck bolted back from where he had come from. A disciplined hunter, Jason waited for what seemed like an eternity, 45 minutes or so before following the blood trail. An 80 yard walk later, and there was his buck, much, much bigger than what he ever dreamed of. 16 points, and a inside spread of 24 5/8" confirmed his "Buck of a Lifetime".