Minnesota Monarch

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Minnesota Monarch

ITEM #0027

334 0/8


Minnesota, St. Louis County



CURRENT WORLD RECORD NON-TYPICAL SHEDS! Year after year, this deer came into a yard near Ely, Minnesota as the locals often fed the deer. It is estimated that this monster was 9 1/2 years old when he produced this championship rack in 1990. There are 39 scorable points. The right side alone is the current world record single shed at 180 0/8" (see item #0234) and the left is no slouch either at 139 4/8" (see item #0235) Within the antler collecting world, the Minnesota Monarch was always known to hold the title, but the sheds were never officially entered into the record books, until now. In 2012, the sheds were officially entered into the North American Shed Hunting Club records and rightfully took the top spot. Two other sets of sheds have been collected from this king of the forest from 1988 (items #0249, #0251) and 1991 (items #0253 and #0254)


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