Franz Buck

Score: 230 7/8"

Type: Non-Typical

Location: Iowa, Marion Co

Year: 2014


Collection: Premier

Item #: 0380

Price: $2,500

LARGEST WHITETAIL EVER TAKEN ON FILM! Joe Franz and friends were the dedicated group in 2014 that scouted, planned and put in the hard work to finally connect with this trophy whitetail from Iowa. Nicknamed "Palmer" for his extremely palmated antlers, Joe spotted him once during bow season, but at 46 yards, Joe wasn't confident in taking a shot that long. Muzzleloader season came next and Joe was ready, but after several wet and windy afternoons, Joe was about to give up, when a glimpse of antler caught his eye. It was Palmer, within range! A puff of smoke later and Palmer was hit! But it took until the next morning for Joe to recover his "buck of a lifetime". The statistics on this buck include a tight inside spread of 13", which is quickly offset by huge, wildly palmated beams and tines. The H-3 measurements are over 11" on the left side alone and there is total of 38 1/8" non-typical points. As of the Spring of 2016, The Joe Franz Buck was cleared of ALL concerns by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and is considered a true fair chase trophy!.