Chris Warren Velvet Buck

Score: 230 4/8"

Type: Non-Typical, Velvet

Location: Minnesota



Collection: Premier

Item #: 0397

Price: $2,500

NEW #1 VELVET ARCHERY NON-TYP MINNESOTA RECORD NEW #2 ALL TIME VELVET NON-TYP ARCHERY POPE AND YOUNG RECORD! Chris Warren was in the right place at just the right time to arrow this new state record full velvet buck! Harvested on the 3rd day of the September archery season, Chris had to wait patiently for this buck with a spectacular velvet head dress to get into position and for his shaking hands to quiet down enough to take the 40 yard shot! Chris heard the "thwack" of the arrow hitting the deer's body, but wasn't sure of his shot placement. Chris decided to wait until the next morning to track the deer, and when he did, he jumped him from his bed. Chris and his brother decided to wait until the next morning to track him once again, and they were glad they did. Even with little blood, the buck was eventually found, about 150 yards away from the initial hit! Antlers By Klaus has perfected the art of replicating velvet antlers and is honored to be selected to bring this new record velvet deer to life! Available Now!