Keith Dahlmer Buck

Score: 256 5/8"

Type: Non-Typical

Location: Canada, Alberta



Collection: Premier

Item #: 0146

Price: $2,600

A 1993 beast from Canada! The Dahlmer Buck boasts of beams of 29 6/8" and 26 7/8" and four tines that go over 12". A huge main frame, with a total of 26 points, of which, 14 are abnormal points for an additional 42 6/8"! A net typical score of 213 7/8" belies its true size. Keith thought he had missed and/or lost this trophy buck that fall, since even after weeks of searching, he could not recover his deer. It was a very long and sad winter for this avid hunter, until his friend called him the next April with the good news it had been found. Lucky for him and lucky for the all the antler enthusiasts out there!