Edward Pick Buck

Score: 240 3/8"

Type: Non-Typical

Location: Canada, Alberta, Red Deer

Year: 1997


Collection: Premier

Item #: 6008

Price: $2,100

NEW ARRIVAL! The Edward Pick buck was almost a trophy that never happened. Edward had hunted hard the fall of 1997 in Alberta, Canada. A few missed shots and numerous trips to the woods had put nothing in his freezer yet. With only 5 days left in the season, Ed decided to try just one more afternoon. He went to a favorite hunting spot, only to see a big water truck pull in to the same location he was hunting. Thinking his hunting chances might be over, Ed still ventured out into the bush. Only 10 minutes later, an enormous buck came into view. Ed quickly got off two shots and the buck disappeared over a ridge. Ed patiently waited for awhile, not wanting to push the buck. And the wait paid off. Just 30 yards beyond the ridge, Ed found his trophy whitetail. The Edward Pick buck has 13 points per side, with a total of 8 drop tines. The huge typical frame is 190 6/8", achieved with 12 1/8" tine lengths and main beams of over 28" each! Antlers By Klaus is proud to add this mega-trophy buck to its Premier Collection for Whitetails!