Gerald Rightmyer

Score: 272 2/8"

Type: Non-Typical

Location: Kansas, Morris Co



Collection: Premier

Item #: 0121

Price: $2,750

The state of Kansas' #2 Non-Typical! Affectionately called "Old Grandpa" by the local hunters, this mammoth was known for several years in the Morris County area, but it was downed by visiting Gerry Rightmyer of New York. Mass, drop tines and sticker points boost this deer into the upper class of non-typicals with 101 2/8" of abnormal points! Base measurements are over 7" on both sides and there is a total of 27 scorable points. There are not many deer that have the potential to break the 300" mark as wild deer, but this one most surely would of, if not for approximately 25" of broken off tine points.