Helgie Eymundson Buck

Score: 274 0/8"

Type: Non-Typical

Location: Canada, Alberta

Year: 2007


Collection: Premier

Item #: 0122

Price: $3,000

The first time we held this rack, we immediately thought it looked like the Canadian version of the Hole-In-The-Horn Buck from Ohio! A wide outside spread of 34 7/8" and palmated beams and 38 points, makes it look like the northern cousin to the famous Ohio deer. And it is almost as big! It features 102 4/8" in abnormal points! Helgie had taken a shot at this deer the previous year and had missed. When the day came in November of 2007, when he spotted him again in the same hay field, he had to make a run around the field to make a 150 yard shot. Just as he pulled the trigger, the mammoth spun around, putting the bullet dead center and clean through a back kicker tine. Miraculously, the tine didn't break off, and the bullet hole is faithfully recreated in the replicas.