Holy Moses Sheds

Score: 265 4/8"

Type: Non-Typical

Location: Montana

Year: 1950


Collection: Premier

Item #: 0112

Price: $2,500

When we first saw this set of sheds, the first thing that came out of our mouths was "Holy Moses, would you look at that!" And the name stuck! This set was discovered during the 1950's in the great state of Montana. Mass and points is what this beast is all about. It boasts six circumference measurements of over 6" , one over 7" and one still over 5". What sends this monster buck over the top are 15 scorable non-typical points that add up to an incredible 66 4/8" additional inches on the left side and 27 2/8" on the right, for a jaw dropping 93 6/8" total abnormal points. Add in an outstanding 36 4/8" outside spread and that's alot of bone! The single left shed is also available. (See item 0252)