Joe Waters Buck

Score: 280 4/8"

Type: Non-Typical

Location: Kansas, Shawnee Co

Year: 1987


Collection: Premier

Item #: 4030

Price: $2,250

The Joe Waters buck was one that almost wasn't! Joe hadn't had much luck deer hunting for quite a few years and it looked like the 1987 Kansas gun season was going to be a dismal repeat. With just two days left of the season, he nearly gave up hope, and almost pulled the trigger on a big doe. But his dad's advice of "Be Patient", came back to him and lucky for him, he listened. A few minutes later this brush pile of a rack came within range and Joe dropped him with one shot. At 280 4/8" net, it is the state of Kansas #1 Non-typical! It holds this record with 12" plus G2's, 29 scorable points, and over 100" of abnormal points!