Larry Lander

Score: 234 1/8"

Type: Non-Typical

Location: Montana, Glacier Co

Year: 1968


Collection: Premier

Item #: 0168

Price: $1,850

Is this for real? We can assure you, yes it is! Perhaps some of the longest tines on a whitetail in the world, this is a rack to remember. The brow tines are an unheard of 14 3/8" and 13 6/8" The G2's are 16 4/8" and 14 4/8". An old trapper named Hans, acquired this rack back in the 1950" and kept them for nearly 40 years. He later befriended young Larry Landers, then a student at Montana University and passed them on to him. Lucky for the antler world, that he did, as Mr. Landers wants all to be able to enjoy this exceptional whitetail.