Larry Raveling Buck

Score: 282 0/8"

Type: Non-Typical

Location: Iowa, Clay Co

Year: 1973


Collection: Premier

Item #: 9156

Price: $2,500

Once the #2 non-typical of all time, the Larry Raveling Buck is a sight to behold! Larry was new to deer hunting, even though he lived in the big buck state of Iowa. He had spotted this buck during his first season and could of sworn it had somebody's underwear twisted up in his antlers, hence the nickname of "Old Rag Horn". It was during a family deer drive, during his second season, that he managed to harvest this brute! One of the largest deer ever taken by a hunter, the Larry Raveling has 29 total points and beam lengths of 26 1/8" and 27 0/8". The G2's are equally impressive at 12 2/8" and 13 6/8". What really sets it apart, is the 96 7/8" in abnormal points. A top tier antler for anyone's top tier antler collection!