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Lobster Claw


217 0/8



Premier Collection


Skull Option: Yes


Lobster Claw

Score: 217 0/8"

Type: Non-Typical

Location: Illinois, Fulton Co

Year: 1990


Collection: Premier

Item #: 9137

Price: $1,500

The name is rather obvious from this unusual drop tine. The massive and dark tipped tine, drops for an amazing 15". A young teenager named Mitchell Hoffman found this freak rack in a slough in November of 1990. Speculation is that it was wounded during the hunting season and met its demise while trying to water. The other characteristics of this trophy are impressive as well. It has a basic 5 x 5 frame, with beam lengths of 29 0/8" and 27 4/8". Tine lengths exceed 11",12", and 13". Even without its famous droptine, this would be a trophy for any happy hunter's wall.