Mike Okray Buck

Score: 258 2/8"

Type: Non-Typical

Location: Colorado, Cheyenne Co

Year: 1992


Collection: Premier

Item #: 4102

Price: $2,100

COLORADO #1 NON-TYPICAL! Wisconsinite Mike Okray is an avid hunter and has traveled all over the world for his favorite sport. But taking a real trophy whitetail is one of the hardest challenges he knows. He managed to meet that challenge in 1992 while hunting in southeastern Colorado. More known for mule deer than whitetail, he found this huge brute in a sorghum field, bedded up. He and his guide, quietly creeped up on the resting deer, and Mike made his first shot. Missed! But his second shot didn't, and the buck was done. It takes the #1 spot with 31 scorable points and over 112" of abnormal points!