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Mitch Vakoch Buck


268 5/8



Premier Collection


Skull Option: Yes


Mitch Vakoch Buck

Score: 268 5/8"

Type: Non-Typical

Location: Minnesota

Year: 1974


Collection: Premier

Item #: 4014

Price: $1,800

MINNESOTA'S #1 NON-TYPICAL! Seventeen year old Mitch Vakoch was in the right place at the right time in 1974. Moments earlier, another hunter took a shot at this magnificent deer and and in its panic, the deer fled straight toward Mitch. A quick shot from his 12 gauge, and the deer was his first buck, ever! This unusual looking, serrated piece of bone has 43 points and grosses 295 6/8" If that wasn't enough, a huge club drop tine falls down from the massive right beam. A true trophy in every sense of the word. A single shed from this exceptional animal was recently rediscovered under a garage workbench (see item #0228)