Ohio Mystery Buck

Score: 288 0/8"

Type: Non-Typical

Location: Ohio



Collection: Premier

Item #: 4006

Price: $2,250

This truly is a mystery buck, as it was found dead in 1975 by a man out rabbit hunting. It's majestic look is created by a HUGE gross typical main frame of 209 1/8" and an unbelievable 33" outside spread. There is only 4 5/8" of asymmetry from side to side, making this buck one of those rare typical-looking non typicals. Its net typical score is 204 4/8", which challenges even the mighty Jordan Buck at 206 1/8". A large flyer off the back of the left main beam and brows loaded with stickers adds character. An astonishing 84" of abnormal points pushes the final score into the upper ranks of the antler world! For mass, spread, tine length, stickers and sheer beauty, the Ohio Mystery Buck has it all!