Sammy Walker Buck

Score: Unscorable

Type: Non-Typical

Location: Louisiana, Grosse Tete Parish

Year: 1950


Collection: Premier

Item #: 9158

Price: $2,500

"What is that?" thought bayou huntsman Sammy Walker when he first caught glimpse of a running deer with a huge pile of "something" on its head. It was during his favorite pastime, a southern style deer drive in 1950, that a speeding deer came broadside across his post position and Sammy dropped it with one shot. It was a deer alright, that he could tell, but beyond that, what in the world was on its head? Instead of a nicely configured rack, there were just blobs, massive, solid chunks of antler material with spikes sticking out of it. What would cause such a freakish thing to happen? Even though it was January, the antlers were still in velvet, which is drastically out of sequence for any normal whitetail deer. Upon examination, it was discovered that this was a cactus buck, or a male without testicles. The lack of the proper hormones never cause the velvet to fall off and the deer keeps growing antler bone. The antlers remain on the deer and are not dropped in the spring. Hence, the antler just keeps growing, often with spikey type of points, and in this case as big chunks of solid bone. Score? Forget it! How? Where would you start? But this antler doesn't need to be scored, to be appreciated. Its uniqueness is more than enough to earn its spot in any collection!