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The Crab Claw Buck


243 3/8



Premier Collection


Skull Option: Yes


The Crab Claw Buck

Score: 243 3/8"

Type: Non-Typical

Location: Ohio, Mahoning Co

Year: 1980


Collection: Premier

Item #: 9133

Price: $2,100

Deer are amazingly adaptable animals. They can live in the true wilderness or in suburban America right next to humans. David Klemm spotted a least 7 bucks living in a chunk of woods, right in the suburbs of Youngstown, Ohio in 1980. Hunting was legal in the area, so come that fall, he thought he would have a good chance at one of them, and he was right. One chance, one shot and this buck was down! The nickname of "The Crab Claw Buck" is obvious. Both beams fork out at the tips to look like claws. But don't overlook its other attributes like 11 7/8" and 12 2/8" brow tines and extra long beams of 27 7/8" and 29 7/8"! A total of 20 points, boasting an additional 40 4/8" of adnormal points, puts this trophy buck into the upper class!