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The Louisiana Freak


273 0/8



Premier Collection


Skull Option: Yes


The Louisiana Freak

Score: 273 0/8"

Type: Non-Typical

Location: Louisiana, Tensas Parish



Collection: Premier

Item #: 4109

Price: $2,500

LOUISIANA'S # 1 NON-TYPICAL! At first, hunter James McMurray thought the deer he had just shot, had a tangle of vines caught up in his rack. It looked like a bush walking through the woods. It wasn't until the deer was down, and he was standing over it, that he realized that the vines were actually tines! It was January 4, 1994, and he had just taken what proved to be and still is the # 1 non-typical spot for the state of Louisiana. Thirty scorable points with 85 1/8" of abnormal points gives a clue as to how big this buck really is! But mass tells even more. The beams start out big at 5" and get even bigger! By the 3rd circumference they measure over 11" and the 4th measurements break 12". This mega bayou buck proves that the south can hold its own when it comes to whitetails!