Tim Forret Buck

Score: 299 5/8" Gross, 293 3/8" Net

Type: Non-Typical

Location: Iowa

Year: 2012


Collection: Premier

Item #: 0179

Price: $3,500

"Ole Two Row" is what Tim Forret and his son, Zach named this monster, as it plowed through their Iowa corn field, knocking down, not one, but two rows of corn with his huge rack! That was in the fall of 2011, but Tim wasn't able to connect with him again until early muzzleloader season of 2012. Tim was sure of his shot, but "Ole Two Row" was no where to be found. Miles and miles of walking over the next course of weeks, still did not produce any sign of "Ole Two Row". Not until a deer drive on neighboring property, 55 days later, was "Ole Two Row" discovered, in the bottom of a wet ravine. Two other sets of shed off of this magnificent Iowa buck have been recovered and are outstanding in their own right. The Forret Buck is Iowa's #2 non-typical deer, behind only the famous Albia Buck.