Dusty Gerrits

Score: 200 1/8" Gross, 189 7/8" Net

Type: Typical

Location: WI, Fond du Lac Co

Year: 2012


Collection: Premier

Item #: 0184

Price: $2,000

New Wisconsin State #2 Archery Typical Record! Dusty Gerrits almost didn't go hunting that day in November. It was election day and he had lots of business to attend to. But a 150" class deer had been spotted on his trail cameras lately and he didn't want to miss out on an opportunity. He never did see that 150" deer, but he did see the biggest wild deer of his life! After a game of cat and mouse with another smaller buck, this big boy stepped into a shooting lane and Dusty took the shot! After the mandatory 2 month drying period, it was declared the new #2 Wisconsin state archery typical record!