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Illinois Road Kill


176 5/8



Premier Collection


Skull Option: Yes


Illinois Road Kill

Score: 176 5/8"

Type: Typical

Location: Illinois, Randolph Co



Collection: Premier

Item #: 9154

Price: $1,800

A big thump in the night, and this massive buck met his end, another deer roadkill. But at 400 pounds, he must of made quite a dent in the vehicle! His rack matches his huge body, as this rack is just extreme in almost every way. The scoring system just didn't fit this deer's rack, but that does not take away from what is obvious. Look at that spread of 31 0/8" outside, created by beams of 29 0/8" and 31 0/8". G2's and G3's of 11",12" and over 13" tell the true story!. Bases of over 6" contribute too. Spread, tine length and mass all together to create this megabuck!