James Jordan Buck

Score: 206 1/8"

Type: Typical

Location: Wisconsin, Burnett Co.

Year: 1914


Collection: Premier

Item #: 9143

Price: $3,500

FORMER WORLD RECORD TYPICAL! Harvested in 1914, along the Yellow River, near Danbury Wisconsin, it was lost to the antler world for 48 years, until it mysteriously showed up at a garage sale in Sandstone, MN, in 1958. Eventually it was declared the new world typical record in 1971 and reigned until surpassed by the Milo Hansen buck, and the Jordan buck did it as a 5 x 5. What makes the Jordan Buck so great, is that for being so big and massive, it does not have one abnormal point, not one! There is only 3 2/8" difference from side to side. The ultimate typical antler!