Kent Petry Buck

Score: 199 2/8"

Type: Typical

Location: Montana, Flathead Co

Year: 1966


Collection: Premier

Item #: 9157

Price: $1,500

There are many great 10-point bucks in this world but very few can match this tremendous buck for size and classic beauty. Mr. Kent Petry harvested this legendary monster on a bitterly cold November morning in 1966. Flathead County, Montana has produced more than its share of trophy whitetails but this buck, scoring 199 2/8 is truly the leader of the class. Its 24" spread and exceedingly long tines give the rack a very balanced look. The antlers are quite unique with their sled runner tips on the main beams. It's this special look that makes this Montana beauty one of the finest 5 x 5 Typicals ever taken.