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Maurice Berezowski Buck


202 5/8



Premier Collection


Skull Option: Yes


Maurice Berezowski Buck

Score: 200 1/8"

Type: Typical

Location: Canada, Saskatchewan

Year: 2006


Collection: Premier

Item #: 0236

Price: $2,750

Two hunters, one deer, two bullets at the exact same time? Yes, that is exactly what happened in northern Saskatchewan on Dec 5, 2006. Hunting buddies Maurice Berezowski and John Tarala both can lay claim to this record whitetail. If not for 14 4/8" of non-typical points, it would have challenged even the Milo Hansen buck. This buck is an extreme rarity from several viewpoints. First, it is one of those rare cases where the antlers score well both as a non-typical (231 2/8" non-typical net) and as a typical! Next, it scores over the magically 200" mark as a typical, which very, very few deer can claim. And thirdly, the brow tines alone would set this buck apart from the pack at over 11" each! It proudly bears the title of the 4th largest deer ever taken in Saskatchewan and currently holds the spot for the 10th largest EVER for a typical!