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Mel Johnson Buck


204 4/8



Premier Collection


Skull Option: Yes


Mel Johnson Buck

Score: 204 4/8"

Type: Typical

Location: Illinois, Peoria Co

Year: 1965


Collection: Premier

Item #: 9160

Price: $2,500

CURRENT WORLD RECORD TYPICAL ARCHERY WHITETAIL! A 72 pound recurve bow, practice, patience and just plain good luck brought this mammonth whitetail record to Mel Johnson in the fall of 1965. An outstanding typical, it has only 6 1/8" of difference between the two sides and only 1 1/8" of abnormal points. Not only are the tines long with three of them over 12", it also carries exceptional mass with bases of over 6"! It it these kind of stats that have allowed this one of a kind deer to hold the #1 spot for close to 50 years! A definite MUST HAVE to any serious collection!