Mel Johnson Buck

Score: 204 4/8"

Type: Typical

Location: Illinois, Peoria Co

Year: 1965


Collection: Premier

Item #: 9160

Price: $2,500

CURRENT WORLD RECORD TYPICAL ARCHERY WHITETAIL! A 72# recurve, practice, patience and plain good luck brought this mammoth whitetail record to Mel Johnson in the fall of 1965. An outstanding typical, it has only 6 1/8" of difference between the two sides and only 1 1/8" of abnormal points. Not only are the tines long with three of them over 12", it also carries exceptional mass with bases of over 6 inches. These kinds of features have kept this whitetail in the #1 archery spot for close to 50 years. A definite MUST HAVE to any serious collection of whitetail legends.