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Sal Aherens Buck


212 0/8



Premier Collection


Skull Option: Yes


Sal Aherens Buck

Score: 212 0/8"

Type: Typical

Location: Minnesota, Stearns Co

Year: 1956


Collection: Premier

Item #: 4021

Price: $2,500

The "Almost Buck", maybe a better name for this unlucky fellow. Taken in 1956, by Sal Aherens on the family farm near Sauk Centre, MN, Sal tossed the antlers in a swamp after harvesting his deer. Antlers weren't thought of being worth much at the time. He "almost" threw away this mega-buck rack, but thought twice and later retrieved them. It is a good thing that he did, as the huge rack created a stir in the vicinity. And for good reason. With beams of 29" and 26 5/8" and bases over 7", it is a world class whitetail. In fact, it grosses over 230" and netted 212" . This would of beaten the majestic Jordan Buck by "almost" six inches. This deer was "almost" declared the new world record typical, but photos surfaced showing 2 abnormal points had been removed in order to boost its typical score. Disqualified from the record books, it still is a tremendous typical rack that "almost" made it to the top!