Tony Fulton Buck

Score: 295 6/8"

Type: Non-Typical

Location: MS, Winston Co

Year: 1995


Collection: Premier

Item #: 2028

Price: $3,500

FORMER WORLD RECORD NON-TYPICAL HARVESTED WHITETAIL! From 1995 to 2003, this mega buck held the world record, second now only to the mammoth Iowa Lovestuen buck. Tony almost didn't go hunting that January afternoon, as it was cold and getting late. But his wife urged him to go and we are all glad that he did. This buck had been seen occasionally in the area, but never close enough for a shot. But on this day, the big boy let his guard down, while following a doe out into an open field, and Tony was waiting. Now, how do you measure a rack like this? It took expert, experienced measurers over 8 hours to finally come up with an official score of 344 5/8" Buckmaster's. Boone and Crockett later came up with 295 6/8" . One of the most surprising results of the scoring was that it was determined that for all that tangled mass of antler at the end of each beam, there is only 1 7/8" of difference between the two sides! Nature always has a way of balancing things out! Even though the south is not known for world class bucks, this just proves that the next world record could be found anywhere!