Wayne Bills Buck

Score: 201 4/8"

Type: Typical

Location: Iowa (Hamilton Co.)

Year: 1974


Collection: Premier

Item #: 9101

Price: $2,000

IOWA'S #1 TYPICAL WHITETAIL! The magical number for 5 x 5's is anything over 200" net, and only a very few elite whitetails make it into this group. The Jordan,The Brad Jerman and the Breen, to name a few. In 1974, a new name was added to this list, the Wayne Bills. Wayne had been invited to go along with some friends on a deer drive, and he thought it might be fun. He had never hunted before, so he wasn't sure exactly how a deer drive worked, but he obviously learned very quickly. A deer came running past a fair distance away. Wayne didn't realize that the odds of hitting a deer, with a shotgun, at a dead run, a good distance away was pretty slim. He took the shot and the deer was down! Wayne's buck was not officially scored and entered until 1992. Speculation has always been that if it had been entered right away, before any natural drying and shrinking and if the left brow tine had not been broken, it very well may have challenged even the mighty Jordan for the world #2 spot. A truly majestic deer!