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Wayne Zaft Buck


203 0/8



Premier Collection


Skull Option: Yes


Wayne Zaft Buck

Score: 203 0/8

Type: Typical

Location: Canada, Alberta

Year: 2001


Collection: Premier

Item #: 2024

Price: $2,750

BUCKMASTER'S #1 ARCHERY TYPICAL! Wayne Zaft is no novice archer! He has won several titles, including the Canadian national title! All of his archery skills were put to the test on Oct 8, 2001 when this megabuck came trotting towards him. He had just gotten out of his truck on that fine fall day, and noticed some very, large deer tracks. He hoped he would have a chance to see the buck that had made him, when he looked around and saw a huge buck coming right towards him! He quickly crouched behind a poplar tree and held his breath. The buck kept coming. Wayne judged the distance at 34 yards in an open shooting lane, where the buck hopefully would come through . Moments later, he did, and Wayne grunted to get him to stop. Nothing. Wayne grunted again, and the buck slowed but still kept moving. It was now or never. Luckily for Wayne, his arrow found its mark! This buck's stats are world class, and almost were! Once thought it would be the new world record archery record, but due to a scoring controversy, it was never entered into Pope and Young or Boone and Crockett record books. Over a 200" main frame as a 7 x 7, puts it in the elite class of antlers. And look at those brow tines. They tally up at 9" and 10 2/8" alone! The G2's are over 12" and the G2's both go over 14". This buck is world class!