Wisconsin 210

Score: 210" gross

Type: Typical

Location: Wisconsin

Year: 2003


Collection: Premier

Item #: 5007

Price: $1,875

NEW ARRIVAL! A listing of the top notable heads in the whitetail antler world would surely include the Jordan Buck, The Hole in the Horn, The John Breen Buck, the Minnesota Monarch, the Milo Hanson and many others. Each one deservedly has earned its place in antler and hunting history. But in addition to these undisputed historical racks, are little known and little documented magnificient deer, that can hold their own place in the annuals of antler records. The Wisconsin 210” is just such a whitetail. Very little is known about the origins or the hunt for the Wisconsin 210”. It was discovered at an estate sale of a former professor at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, WI in 2003. Even though it was on a tattered and shabby looking mount, the sheer size of the 5 x 6 rack could not be diminished by its surroundings.