Chad Francis Sheds


190 2/8



Sportsman Collection


Skull Option: Yes


Chad Francis Sheds

Score: 190 2/8"

Type: Typical

Location: Iowa



Collection: Sportsman

Item #: 2018

Price: $750 Finished, $450 Unfinished

The Chad Francis antlers are a set of sheds from the big buck producing state of Iowa! This beauty grosses nearly 200". It comes by this terrific score with base measurements of over 6" and never less than 5", even out toward the ends of the beams. Those upright, sweeping beams are an impressive 26 1/8" and 26 1/8". There is only one non-typical point and only 4 7/8" in difference from side to side! A very majestic looking deer, and a great choice for any sportsman! Also available as unpainted, straight out of the mold, for the Do-It-Yourselfer!