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Comstock Buck

Custom Replicas

Hundreds of hunters have had Antlers by Klaus craft replicas of their original antlers so they can share them with friends or family, or to simply enjoy their trophy in both their home and their office or cabin!

Through our innovative multi-step molding process, both accurate measurements and the finest of details are captured without damaging or discoloring your antlers. Skilled artisans meticulously hand paint each replica for precise coloring that is natural, and true to the original. Few can see the difference between the original and the replica – we guarantee you’ll be impressed.

Pricing for custom replicas is determined primarily by total gross score and the complexity of the antlers. We will provide you a quotation prior to proceeding for both the molding of the original and the crafting of a replica version. Contact us today for your free quote!

Rich coloring in the beaded bases

Velvet and veining faithfully recreated

Unique features of your antlers recreated perfectly

“The replica is magnificent and well worth the wait — congratulations to Klaus on a job well done — if I did not know that it was a replica I would never have guessed as it is identical to the original in every way. Many thanks for your friendly assistance.”
– Alan, South Africa

“Hi Klaus, enclosed a money order for Larry’s Rack. I am so very impressed by the business you and wife have. The rack holds it own for magnificence, however, the quality of what you have created in this reproduction is unreal. Your standard is second to none. A pleasure to do business with you. Hopefully, this is just the beginning. Keep up the great work!”
-Sincerely, Dusty Rollins

Antler Recoloring And Restoration Service

Antlers are a natural, porous material, and as such are at risk from decay, discoloration, and damage from water, exposure and fire. But even if your antlers are not what they use to be, Antlers By Klaus can restore them to their natural beauty with our Antler Restoration Service*. Thin veneers of material can be placed over the damaged areas, bringing back the original feel and texture. Sun bleached antlers can be recolored. The Antlers By Klaus artisans bring back the luster and depth of color that once was there.

Antlers By Klaus was selected to restore a set of Canadian sheds from an internationally well known shed collector. These sheds were severely discolored and cracked. Antlers By Klaus was able to restore their natural texture and coloring. They were beautiful enough, in fact, to be donated to a charity auction for needy families in Canada.

Your antlers can once again be a thing of beauty too.

Antler Restoration Service is often combined with our Antler Repair Service.
*Not all antlers can be saved, if damage is extreme. Please contact us for details.

Antler Repair

“I did receive the antlers this morning early. In fact, they were at my office when I arrived about 9AM. They’re beautiful and look just like the original antlers. I compared to my pictures and I couldn’t see any differences. You guys are good! I’m a very happy customer!! Thanks again.” – Carl S, N. Carolina

“The sheds arrived this afternoon in one piece. I’ve only ever seen one set of replicas before (that I’m aware of), and those were reasonably easy to identify as fake. I can’t believe how close the replicas match the originals. That’s truly amazing! Please relay my thanks and appreciation to Klaus. He exceeded my expectations. And thank you for all the time and correspondence you’ve put into this. You’ll definitely get my recommendation.” – Scott, Wisconsin

Broken beams, tips and tines are nature’s consequence of deer living in the wild. But each antler can be brought back to its original glory with Antlers By Klaus repair service. Repairs are bonded to the original antler with a post, for a durable and lasting repair. Next, all the fine details of your antler are meticulously hand sculpted back into place. Then the repaired area is painted to match and blend in with the existing antler. When completed, the repairs are virtually indistinquishable, even upon close inspection. Your antler will once again be all that nature intended.

World Class Taxidermy

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Award-Winning Taxidermy

As a complement to offering the finest replica antlers in the world, we are pleased to offer taxidermy services of the same caliber. Klaus is an award-winning taxidermist, and your mount will be a work of art and feature the finest in details and craftsmanship.

All taxidermy can be created and delivered directly to your home. We stock premium grade capes for whitetails as well as some other big game species, and your trophy can naturally be mounted to any design you desire.

Many of our clients order replica antlers from us, and then have us handle the taxidermy too! This works out great for our clients by offering the convenience and savings in shipping!

A 25% deposit is required when your order is placed, and becomes non-refundable after your project is started. If you have an idea on the type of mount you desire, please contact us at (888) 893-5882 to discuss an estimate.

“I just wanted to say thanks on the great job with my project. They were everything I expected. I really appreciate getting one set done by the time I came to get my buck. That really impressed me and made me feel that my business was appreciated. Thanks again for a true work of art.” — Gered, Iowa