Antlers are a natural, porous material, and as such are at risk from decay, discoloration, and damage from water, exposure and fire. But even if your antlers are not what they use to be, Antlers By Klaus can restore them to their natural beauty with our Antler Restoration Service*. Thin veneers of material can be placed over the damaged areas, bringing back the original feel and texture. Sun bleached antlers can be recolored. The Antlers By Klaus artisans bring back the luster and depth of color that once was there.

Antlers By Klaus was selected to restore a set of Canadian sheds from an internationally well known shed collector. These sheds were severely discolored and cracked. Antlers By Klaus was able to restore their natural texture and coloring. They were beautiful enough, in fact, to be donated to a charity auction for needy families in Canada.

Your antlers can once again be a thing of beauty too.

Antler Restoration Service is often combined with our Antler Repair Service.
*Not all antlers can be saved, if damage is extreme. Please contact us for details.