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As a complement to offering the finest replica antlers in the world, we are pleased to offer taxidermy services of the same caliber. Klaus is an award-winning taxidermist, and your mount will be a work of art and feature the finest in details and craftsmanship.

All taxidermy can be created and delivered directly to your home. We stock premium grade capes for whitetails as well as some other big game species, and your trophy can naturally be mounted to any design you desire.

Many of our clients order replica antlers from us, and then have us handle the taxidermy too! This works out great for our clients by offering the convenience and savings in shipping!

A 50% deposit is required when your order is placed, and becomes non-refundable after your project is started. If you have an idea on the type of mount you desire, please contact us at (888) 893-5882 to discuss an estimate.

“I just wanted to say thanks on the great job with my project. They were everything I expected. I really appreciate getting one set done by the time I came to get my buck. That really impressed me and made me feel that my business was appreciated. Thanks again for a true work of art.” — Gered, Iowa


World Class Taxidermy