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Mule Deer Capes

Item: KL-SKINS-19-1 Category:

Premium Mule Deer Skins (Capes) for Sale.
Known information below – first come, first served.

Item: MV-1152-Wet Tanned, 7 1/2″ x 24″, ($375)(SOLD)

Item: RD-MD-1113-Wet Tanned, 7 1/2″ x 23″, Cut Long, ($350)

Item: MUL-5141-Wet Tanned, 7 3/4″ x 24″, ($375)

Item: MUL-5115-Wet Tanned, ($350)

Item: MUL-5022-Wet Tanned 7 1/2″ x 21′, Yellowish brown, short hair, tooled, multiple scars. ($325)(Sold)

Item: MUL-5024 7 1/4 x 18″ Neck, wet tanned, tooled ($325)(Sold)

Item: MUL-5109 7 1/2 x 20″ Neck, wet tanned, tooled, long hair, silvery grey ($350)(SOLD)

Item: MUL-5106 7 1/2 x 22″ Neck, wet tanned, tooled, long hair, hole in armpit sewn up, cut short ($325)
Item: MUL-5140 7 3/4 x 20″ Neck, wet tanned, tooled ($350)(SOLD)

Item: MUL-5096 7 3/4 x 23″ neck, wet tanned, tooled, long hair, hair damage on both shoulders ($300)

Item-MUL5019  7 1/2 x 20” neck, wet tanned, tooled, grey-brown color. med length hair,  $250 plus shipping (Sold)

Item-MUL5022 7 1/4 x 21” neck, wet tanned, tooled, yellowish brown color, short length hair, some scrape marks, $225 plus shipping. (SOLD)


We have a few additional mule deer capes available. Please contact us at 715-246-5882 for details.


Please call Antlers by Klaus (715) 246-5882 to order. 

First come, first served! All sales are final. Pick up available in New Richmond, WI otherwise shipping/crating is additional. Shipping only within US, unless by special arrangement. Visa, Mastercard, and Cashier’s Checks accepted. Personal checks accepted only with prior approval.


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