Antler Repair

Broken beams, tips and tines are nature’s consequence of deer living in the wild. But each antler can be brought back to its original glory with Antlers By Klaus repair service. Repairs are bonded to the original antler with a post, for a durable and lasting repair. Next, all the fine details of your antler are meticulously hand sculpted back into place. Then the repaired area is painted to match and blend in with the existing antler. When completed, the repairs are virtually indistinquishable, even upon close inspection. Your antler will once again be all that nature intended.

“I did receive the antlers this morning early. In fact, they were at my office when I arrived about 9AM. They’re beautiful and look just like the original antlers. I compared to my pictures and I couldn’t see any differences. You guys are good! I’m a very happy customer!! Thanks again.”
– Carl S, N. Carolina

“The sheds arrived this afternoon in one piece. I’ve only ever seen one set of replicas before (that I’m aware of), and those were reasonably easy to identify as fake. I can’t believe how close the replicas match the originals. That’s truly amazing! Please relay my thanks and appreciation to Klaus. He exceeded my expectations. And thank you for all the time and correspondence you’ve put into this. You’ll definitely get my recommendation.”– Scott, Wisconsin